while people keep taking about how social media distracts us from what’s “truly important”, I find social media making me a better person

I sort of joined Tumblr by accident. I was, as most of my good stories start, wondering what all the hype was about. And maybe also looking for a place … Continue Reading →

love and friendship and astrophysics

I cannot count on one hand all the times that you have let me down. I cannot use both hands and add my feet. I cannot count them on the … Continue Reading →

The Best of the Worst Advice

What’s your five year plan? Does anyone have a real answer to that? Was that ever a question before my generation starting going to interviews? Because it’s the world’s most … Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Polar Vortex

So, it’s cold. It’s cold even in my living room. Work was cancelled for me and Keith. I spooned my animals. Emergency was declared in Illinois.   But work was … Continue Reading →

Books of 2013

This year, I read classic literature and graphic novels and books about cats and really bad science fiction. Oh, and business books. And anti-dieting books. It was a busy, weird … Continue Reading →

Recap of 2013: Some things, they happened

January 1st ya’ll. I know that the world does not need another list. But I also know that we, as people, sort our lives by stories and moments and memories. … Continue Reading →

Travel, Part 917

I went to Massachusetts last week to visit my best friend and her new baby. I flew in and told her I’d take the train and she offered to pick … Continue Reading →

art as untitled memories

There’s this thing about art. The way it makes its mark. If you’ve known someone for long enough, you form memories that include the cadence of their walk, the sound … Continue Reading →

Even Extroverts Get the Blues

I think people get the wrong idea, sometimes. “She’s a writer, so it must the solo life for her” or “She’s super sarcastic, she must not like crowds of people” … Continue Reading →

What It’s Been Like Being Homeowner

Back in May, I bought a house. It’s been a strange and wonderful thing. I achieved my life goal of owning a new couch and now my cat sleeps on … Continue Reading →