Lilac Ghosts

      I stopped to pick some lilacs today. I knew in some faraway part of my brain that tomorrow was the anniversary of my mom’s death, and that … Continue Reading →

28 before 29

In July – July! Mere weeks away! – it will be my 28th birthday. My golden birthday. July 28. The age my mom was when she had me. When I … Continue Reading →


Some days, the idea of not knowing what comes next isn’t so horrifying. When I declared a hostile break from plans, I wasn’t expecting such an answer from the universe. … Continue Reading →

while people keep taking about how social media distracts us from what’s “truly important”, I find social media making me a better person

I sort of joined Tumblr by accident. I was, as most of my good stories start, wondering what all the hype was about. And maybe also looking for a place … Continue Reading →

love and friendship and astrophysics

I cannot count on one hand all the times that you have let me down. I cannot use both hands and add my feet. I cannot count them on the … Continue Reading →

The Best of the Worst Advice

What’s your five year plan? Does anyone have a real answer to that? Was that ever a question before my generation starting going to interviews? Because it’s the world’s most … Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Polar Vortex

So, it’s cold. It’s cold even in my living room. Work was cancelled for me and Keith. I spooned my animals. Emergency was declared in Illinois.   But work was … Continue Reading →

Books of 2013

This year, I read classic literature and graphic novels and books about cats and really bad science fiction. Oh, and business books. And anti-dieting books. It was a busy, weird … Continue Reading →

Recap of 2013: Some things, they happened

January 1st ya’ll. I know that the world does not need another list. But I also know that we, as people, sort our lives by stories and moments and memories. … Continue Reading →

Travel, Part 917

I went to Massachusetts last week to visit my best friend and her new baby. I flew in and told her I’d take the train and she offered to pick … Continue Reading →